Persuasive Essay Rough Draft

Persuasive Essay Rough Draft:

Global warming is saying that we need to stick together and save water. I agree! I truly believe that if we all work together to try to reduce the amount of water we use, we can be successful. Saving water could lead to being environmental friendly, reducing our water bill and saving water for animals. To see why read more!

Saving water could lead you to becoming environmental friendly to the world. For example, saving water could mean to use a reusable water bottle so you wouldn’t waste even a drop of water. I used a reusable water bottle and it was easy to refill it, put it into the fridge and take it out when I was thirsty.  According to commercials using a reusable water bottle is one step closer to changing the world. I think it is to. Here’s another reason why you should save water.

Saving water could reduce the cost of your water bill also. Everyone knows your water bill is determined on how much water you use. For example, my grandma and my aunt, together,  pays over $200 each month for the water bill. According to my Aunt Sue, who also pays the water bill says,” We all need to contribute to saving water.”  My aunt Sue and my grandmother decided that they should cut back on using water. Here’s an example, they turn on and off the water when they brush their teeth, set a side the dishes instead of letting the water run, water the lawn and patio once every two weeks, and they take baths instead of showers.  When you save water you don’t have to save and spend all your money on the water bill, you can spend your money on anything you want. ANYTHING! Pay your bills, get things for your house, ANYTHING.

Saving water also saves water for fishes and other animals. Like I said before saving water is environmental friendly. Online also states so. According to Energy Efficiency World, the website,” When you use water wisely you help the environment.” and,” You save water for fish and animals.” By doing that you save plenty of water for other animals to drink and fishes and sea creatures from losing a little bit of water each day. What I mean by that is, fish and animals need water, so we can’t just waste water whenever we want too. To the animals that is not fair. We need to use water wisely!

I recognize that one may use a lot of water doing one thing. As an example, we all use lots of water taking a shower. Let’s find a solution for that. There’s such thing called taking a shower army style. Army style is when you turn on the shower when you use it and turning it off when you don’t use it. For example, you’re putting on shampoo on your head while the water off. Then you’re rinsing when the waters turned on. If we all try to do that, we would have saved lots of water!

I implore you to consider the idea of saving water. We must save water in order to save everything and everybody. I have given 3 reasons and 1 solution. Start SAVING water!!!!!!


5 responses to “Persuasive Essay Rough Draft

  1. Good hook! I like using the family example and the bill-payer. I don’t think GATE students will have much authority on the subject, though. Can you give more explanatory information about helping the sea life? It is not too clear. We need more info on that. I really like the ‘army style’ example. Keep it up – great start!

  2. This reads a little unclearly, “Saving water also saves water for fishes and other animals. Like I said before saving water is environmental friendly. Online also states so.” Can you write more clearly. Also, let’s get more clear information about water conservation and sea life so the reader understands exactly how it helps.

  3. Overall I think you have a great draft here, girls! I think the biggest improvement could be adding stronger support. Let’s meet to talk about ways that can be done.

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