Vocabulary Page


A large body of salt water.


The process of liquid turning into gas.

Water Vapor:

Water turning into gas.

Ice Sheet:

A huge slab of ice and snow that covers a very large area of land for thousands of years.


A large body of ice that moves slowly over land.

Fresh Water:

Water that contains no or little amounts of salt.


The process of water vapor changing to liquid.

Land Breeze:

The movement of air from the land to the water.

Sea Breeze:

The movement of air from the water to the land.


A cloud that forms near the ground.


Water that falls from the air to the ground as rain, sleet, hail, or snow.

Water Cycle:

The continous movement of water between Earth’s surface and air as it changes from liquid to gas to solid to liquid.


Is a man made lake that is used to store water.


An underground layer of rock or soil which is capable of absorbing water.

Water Shed:

A name for an area of land in which water drains into a specific river.


When water pours over the banks of a body of water and spreads over the land


To dirty a material such as fresh water.


A long period of dry weather.


To recycle or to make usable again.


A channel built by people to move water long distances through mountains and across rivers.

Here’s a google dictionary to check out the words!!!


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